An American Werewolf in Baja (WIP)
Melinda Tompson wakes up on a deserted beach in Mexico, her clothes shredded, her muscles sore and tired ... and this is not the first time it's happened. Enter Enrique (Rick) Martinez who tries to explain it all, but she's not so sure he's the one she should be trusting, particularly when he tells her they are not only engaged but they are both werewolves! Sorting it out and surviving the consequences become her greatest challenge, trying to remember if Rick is the love of her life or the bane of her existence runs a close second.

Life Upon the Wicked Stage (WIP)
Catherine Barbour returns to England to lick her wounds of failure and to have an extended visit with her grandmother. She manages to snag an understudy part for a musical in London's West End where she becomes involved with Charles Crittendon, a well-known theatrical patron with a mysterious past. Constantly interfering with their budding romance is Crittendon's assistant, William Bristow, who is either out to destroy Catherine or save her from herself.

He Died for Us - Poem - International War Veterans Poetry Archive
One of Their Own - Commentary - International War Veterans Poetry Archive
Soldier's Funeral Texas Style -

Vampire Mom to the Rescue (WIP)
The life and times of a suburban housewife who becomes a vampire and saves the world, or at least her little part of it.

Skeletons in the Closet (WIP)
Eileen Sanderson is the personal aide for well-known celebrity London Holiday who has been summoned to the small town of Mistwillow, Colorado to testify in a murder investigation. Detective Nick Carlson enlists Eileen's help to get the reluctant celebrity to Colorado, but once there she discovers London is entangled in something much more dangerous with a dark and mysterious history.